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Advance Praise

“For anyone who wants to write a book and be compensated for it, this is a must read. Using case studies based on her own successful journey, Isenberg delivers an informative “how to” that teaches would-be authors how to negotiate the new frontier of publishing, and – just as importantly – how tomake money before they’re even out of the gate.”

~ Pablo Fenjves, NYT Times Bestselling Author & Screenwriter, “Man on a Ledge”

“Every author, whether they are traditionally published, self-published or aspiring, needs to read this book.”

~ SJ Hodges, Celebrity Ghostwriter

“Author Power creates a disruptive narrative on the form of narrative itself with advocacy for writers everywhere and at every stage of their careers.”

~ Josh Linkner, NY Times Bestselling Author, Disciplined Dreaming, CEO/Managing Partner, Detroit Venture Partners

“Is curiosity, unabashed observation, empathy and unbounded imagination enough to be a successful writer? No, that’s the easy part, navigating your way to profits in a publishing world of diminishing returns is the tough part! Lynn shares her secrets on how to leverage your story into profit and that’s the genius of AUTHOR POWER! Isenberg delivers an inventive and resourceful road map on the steps you can take to empower your writing career.”

~ Frank Beddor, Author, Producer, The Looking Glass Wars Trilogy, There’s Something About Mary, Wicked, The Juliet

“When the entertainment and advertising business changed forever with the evolution of the Internet and ubiquitous content, Lynn Isenberg not only reinvented herself, but reinvented ways to do business. Uniquely positioned at the advent of the Internet, she understood what the future would become, and worked steadfastly for years breaking ground for success to follow. From traditional and dare I say ancient mediums, Lynn has transformed and updated books, by integrating product and content, and finding new ways to cross media and platforms, even ones not yet invented! Lynn innovates television, web content, books, business, and ultimately box office. Lynn’s book, AUTHOR POWER, makes convergence a reality, not a buzz word. Thanks Lynn, for putting into words what we all are experimenting with and validating new ways we will both finance and consume content.”

~ Kevin Foxe, Producer/Director, “The Blair Witch Project,” “Jackson Horn,” “The Ghost Experiment”

“Author Power fast-tracks your publishing journey and gives you tools to compensate your hard work before your book leaves your desktop! As an author who’s published the same book three different ways (self-published, B&N partnership, traditional), it was wide-eye-opening and motivating to read a book, with a road map, that empowers authors to generate new revenue streams before, during and after publishing using constantly emerging technologies and clever methodologies. I’m now pulling Smart Man Hunting back into action!”

~ Liz H Kelly, Author (Smart Man Hunting), Goody PR/Goody Awards Founder

“Author Power is a game changer. This is a must-read for all writers, whether they are experienced authors or they just have a story to tell. Lynn Isenberg’s inspiring story of her successful journey through the publishing world is chock full of laughs and real world advice, plus she gives you a blueprint for making a profit on your book before it’s even published. Author Power changes the game for authors and shifts the economic power of writing into the hands of the writers.”

~ Andrew Bird, Writer and former Marketing Leader at DeLoitte & Touche LLP

“Lynn’s book, AUTHOR POWER will irrevocably change the way to write and consequently the way to read. Her talent to explain and illustrate this branded entertainment process gives us valuable hints to forget product “placement” and to strategically think about product and brand efficient integration. Writers will learn to improve their passion and so their work. Readers will better appreciate what has been written, why and how branded entertainment can enrich the storytelling for their pleasure. Great author. Great job. Great book!”

~ Jean-Marc Lehu, Author of Branded Entertainment: Product Placement & Brand Strategy in the Entertainment Industry, Professor of Marketing, Sorbonne

“I met Lynn Isenberg ten years ago when she walked into my office at the University of Michigan and asked to sit in on my business ethics class. She was writing the first book of her Funeral Planner trilogy, it would contain some ethics issues, and she wanted to get them right. I was impressed. Who travels halfway across the country to sit in on a business ethics course to get the ethics right for a chick-lit novel? Seriously? My class does seem to be a popular one, but she didn’t know that. She wanted to sit in to get things right. I’ve stayed in touch with her since then, and that insistence on getting things right remains constant. And that is exactly what she has done again in Author Power. Her extensive research and remarkable experience – made even more impressive because her energy level and work ethic allows her to experience in a month what most people do in a year – provides an invaluable resource and set of options for authors to pursue their dreams… and yes, even save democracy!”

~ Timothy L. Fort, PhD, JD, Eveleigh Professor of Business Ethics, Professor of Business Law, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University

Note from Andrew Bird

When I started out as a writer, I didn’t have the slightest idea of how the business works and it didn’t take long to crash land into reality. I just wanted to live in my creativity, but the hard reality is that in today’s world you have to have more than talent — you need to prove you can sell books (or scripts, or marketing material or whatever you dream of writing). For those that don’t have a huge social media list or a bestseller on their resume, there aren’t many options. It can come as a shock that talent is just one of the building blocks for success.  Lynn Isenberg faced all the same challenges and she came out on top by developing her unique, proven way of getting a book out into the world at a profit before it’s even published. Author Power teaches writers to make it happen for themselves without sitting around waiting for that phone to ring with a magic sale. It’s about taking the power back and getting your work into the hands of excited readers. It’s about making your dreams happen. It’s not magic — Lynn gives you specific directions and lots of ideas and stories about how to make it happen. So read on and get ready to roll up your sleeves and work for your dreams to come true.

~ Andrew Bird, Writer and former Marketing Leader at DeLoitte & Touche LLP

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• ForeThought/Isenberg Convention Press Release

ForeThought Logo


Forethought participates in the ICCFA 2011 Annual Convention in Las Vegas

Special guest, author Lynn Isenberg, joins Forethought booth for book signing of her comedy novel “The Funeral Planner”

Indianapolis, Ind. – March 3, 2011 – Forethought Financial Group, Inc. (, a leading provider of insurance and financial products focused on the senior market, will be exhibiting at the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association (“ICCFA”) Annual Convention, March 8-11, 2011 in Las Vegas.

This year, Forethought will host a book signing at their booth with special guest, Lynn Isenberg, author of The Funeral Planner. Free copies of her comedy novel will be provided.

The Funeral Planner, part of a trilogy of comedy novels, is also available as part of a Digital Series on “Lynn understands the dynamics of the funeral industry and importance of celebrating life and processing grief. The opportunity to sponsor her trilogy of novels made perfect sense for our business, as they represent the same principles we embrace at Forethought.

We are very excited to have Lynn join us this year at the ICCFA convention, and believe our customers will enjoy meeting her and reading her novel,” noted Sr. Vice President of Sales, Mark Guzniczak.

During the convention, Forethought will also feature multiple financial product solutions for funeral homes and cemeteries to offer the families they serve, including preneed life insurance, at-need insurance assignments and trust services.

About Forethought Financial Group, Inc.

Forethought Financial Group, Inc., with offices in Houston, Indianapolis and Batesville, Ind., is a leader in the delivery of high-value insurance and financial services products across the US.

Forethought has served more than two million policyholders and has $4.9 billion of in-force life insurance protection. With $4.7 billion in assets and more than $1.1 billion in annual revenue, Forethought has built its reputation through 25 years of quality, service and reliability. For more information, please visit

About Lynn Isenberg
A renowned author, movie producer and Life Celebration Expert, Lynn Isenberg is theFounder/CEO of The Tribute Network ( a social media network for tribute videos and life celebration cycles featuring The Tribute Video Festival launching May 1st. In addition, she founded Lights Out Enterprises (, producing meaningful experiences to remember with narrative tribute videos. She is the author of four novels and two non-fiction grief guidebooks; Grief Tributes: The Definitive Guide to Life Celebrations and Grief Wellness: The Definitive Guide to Dealing with Loss, the latter written in collaboration with the funeral director who buried her father and brother. Her novels include the popular trilogy series The Funeral Planner and the digital series featuring Joss Stone, Fame’s Cynthia Gibb, and General Hospital’s Marisa Ramirez. Lynn’s screenwriter-producer credits include MGM/UA’s Youngblood, Tri-Star/Columbia Picture’s I Love You to Death, True Vinyl, and the Fine Living Network’s popular series i::Design. She is currently adapting The Funeral Planner Trilogy Novels into a TV series with award-winning director Donald Petrie (Miss Congeniality, How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days). The Funeral Planner was inspired by the loss of Lynn’s father and brother, setting her on a personal path in shifting the experience of grieving into a creative healing process. Her work in spiritual psychology has unveiled for her an innate knowing that life and death are mirrors on a theme of transition and transformation. She holds a Masters degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and BA in Literature & Film from the University of Michigan and has been a featured guest on The Today Show, Early Show, NPR, NYT, and Fox affiliates. Her work has been covered by national and international media.

• Webisode Script Sample for The Funeral Planner Digital Series – Episode One

The Funeral Planner Webisode Opening SceneThe Funeral Planner Webisode Opening Scene Page 2The Funeral Planner Webisode Opening Scene Page 3

2       CONTINUED        : (3)                                                              2


Nice chair.


And the outfit?



Uh, it’s a look.



• My Life Uncovered Lyrics by Jill Sobule

“No one would ever dream, the girl behind the scenes
has yet to do all the things she’s writing.
No one would ever guess, the girl inside the Talbots
dress, has men across the nation all excited
My life uncovered, my life uncovered
Flip to another page and you will see
My life uncovered, yes you’ll discover
The other girl who is me
No one thinks I’m that fun
But when I take the 101
To the valley where the camera’s rolling
No one thinks I’m that cool
But when I’m hanging by the swimming pool
Sipping wine with all the girls and gaffers
My life uncovered
Unlike the other, life that you all thought you knew
My life uncovered
Please don’t tell my mother, that I’m the queen of

• Mock Media Training Interview for The Funeral Planner

• New York Times Article | It’s My Funeral and I’ll Serve Ice Cream if I Want To

• New York Times Multi-Media Interview | Jack the Mench Tribute Video

• Got Kosher restaurant ad per Maddy Banks favorite restaurant in The Funeral Planner comedy novel

• Pink Umbrellas Publicity Video

Jim Dratfield’s “Dogphoria”
Ode to Wonderment of Dogs
Renowned Author/Fine Art Photographer Brings Smiles to our Hearts

NEW YORK, New York – January 15, 2011 – DOGPHORIA is good for you! Yes, good for your heart and soul. As author-photographer Jim Dratfield notes, “A pet is not only a joyful part of our lives but an actual health benefit; lowering our heart rates, decreasing stress and offering us that much sought after thing; unconditional love.”

Dr. Debbye Turner Bell, CBS celebrity vet and news correspondent writes a stunning foreword that reminds us ever so beautifully why this is true. “In the last 20 years,” writes Turner Bell, “science has been proving what dog-lovers have known for thousands of years. DOGS MAKE US HAPPY! From that first wolf that the hunter took into his camp to share a seat by the fire… to the luxuriously pampered pooch that drinks bottled water and gets regular ‘paw-dicures,’ our lives have been wonderfully and enchantingly changed.”

So begins our journey of joy as the dogs of DOGPHORIA reveal their true nature; innate delight juxtaposed with insightful quotes that together become not only a reminder of loyalty and companionship, but also a powerful reflection of ourselves.

“Dogphoria came out of this love I have for pets in general and dogs in particular,” says Dratfield, “I find them euphoric: honest in their emotions and pure of heart in their actions. Dogphoria is my ode to the wonderment dogs bring to us in our day to day lives.”

The book has another unique quality. It integrates the program in support of rescue dogs from’s partnership with Mimi Ausland’s “FreeKibble” for shelter dogs and brings awareness and support to Leader Dogs for the Blind.

Greg Grabowski, President & CEO of Leader Dogs for the Blind says, “Dogphoria captures in pictures and words what everyone who has ever shared their life with a dog knows – that seeing life through the eyes of a dog puts even the most seemingly impossible situation into perspective. Leader Dogs for the Blind is proud to be a part of a book that will bring a smile to the face and heart of everyone that reads it.”

In sync with the total campaign, Trupanion Pet Insurance also reminds us to keep our beloved canines healthy and happy while the Renaissance Inn offers our pets a respite of comfort and acceptance on our combined journeys.

DOGPHORIA is Jim Dratfield’s 11th book in a powerful pedigree of former successes. Known for his unique sepia toned film style, his bestsellers include PUGNATION, DAY OF THE DACHSUND, and THE QUOTABLE EQUINE. His fine art Deluxe Note Cards and books have sold over 200,000 copies. Jim Dratfield, a former actor with a docu-series in the works, emphasizes his unusual talent for directing his canine clients. He has also been featured on 20/20, The View, Access Hollywood, Inside Edition, Primetime Live, and CBS’s Early Show. His celebrity clients include Jennifer Anniston, Barbara Walters, Elton John, and Henry Kissinger to name a few, but the real celebrities of DOGPHORIA are the dogs of DOGPHORIA. Two of the featured dogs in the book are Leader Dogs for the Blind; the Marvelous Maddy and the Loveable Lucy. It also presents the intuitive rescue-turned-therapy dog Terrific Tao representing PETCO’s “Think Adoption First Campaign”,“FreeKibble”, and Trupanion. Promotion for DOGPHORIA includes appearances from author/fine art photographer, Jim Dratfield (but don’t be surprised if you also have the good fortune of encountering Maddy, Lucy, and Tao at various venues around the country).

As Dr. Turner Bell concludes, “Reading DOGPHORIA is much like looking through an old family photo album. We smile because of fond memories and familiar faces. We smile because we see our loved ones. We smile because we see ourselves.”

“Dogphoria” is being published by FastPencil Premiere, a highly selective publishing imprint for top-tier authors. Jim joins a group of highly acclaimed, well-known authors in the FastPencil Premiere imprint who are already leveraging FastPencil Premiere – including Guy Gilchrist, author of “The Best of Today’s Dogg” among many other well-known cartoons and Mark Victor Hansen, co-founder of Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises, Inc. and co-author of “U R The Solution.” Additional authors include Angela Sage Larsen, author of the children’s book series, “Good Things Come on Tiny Wings: The Adventures of Petalwink the Fairy” and Steven Pressfield, author of multiple best-selling books including “The Legend of Bagger Vance” and “War of Art.” Together they represent the first stellar group of landmark best-selling and established authors and illustrators joining FastPencil Premiere.

Lynn Isenberg by e-mail at for guest appearances, signings, print and media interviews.

Media and Venues
Audience members of talk shows receive a free copy of “Dogphoria.” Book signings offer auctions for an exclusive Petography session with Jim Dratfield, and the opportunity for your four-legged friend to be in his next book.

About Jim Dratfield
Fine art photographer Jim Dratfield, a world-renowned, celebrated fine art pet photographer, celebrates the fine art of photography through his studio, specializing in canines, and felines employing his unique beautiful sepia toned film style.

Jim, a trained actor (including a small role in Tootsie), has also been the spokesperson for Claritin (Wag Allergies) and A docu-series is now in development with Revera Entertainment about Jim and his work. He lives in New York City.

About Dogphoria
Produced by Lynn Isenberg of in partnership with FastPencil’s elite Premiere imprint. Book concept, brand strategy and campaign partnerships by Lynn Isenberg on behalf of author-fine art photographer Jim Dratfield and

About FastPencil
FastPencil is leveraging innovative digital-publishing, social media, print-on-demand and e-book distribution technologies to deliver next-generation publishing, offering authors simplicity, more control, speed to market and higher margins. enables authors to create books online, collaborate, publish and distribute from one engaging, simple, cost-effective solution. Beyond publishing tools and services, FastPencil also maintains a world-class, publishing imprint, FastPencil Premiere, an exclusive line of general interest titles that provides top-tier and best-selling authors all the benefits of FastPencil’s services to produce and publish the best of the best in book content. For more information please visit

•  FastPencil PREMIERE Author Jim Dratfield Embarks on Multi-City “Dogphoria” Book & Paw Signing Tour

•  FastPencil Launches “The Great Dogphoria Book Chase” Campaign

•  Trupanion Announces Partnership with Jim Dratfield, Author of Dogphoria

•  Sample Power Point Slides

About Lynn Isenberg

Focus Media Brand Management

The Fisher Space Pen will write:

Upside down at any angle, under water, through grease, extreme temperatures (-30 to +250 degrees F), on almost any surface, three times longer than the average pen, and of course in space. All pens are proudly Made in America and unconditionally guaranteed with recyclable parts and packaging – staying GREEN!

Extreme pens for extreme conditions!

The Fisher Space Pen was originally designed for NASA and the space program. It has been used on ALL manned Space flights since the 1960’s and will continue to do so. It was even used as a tool to help save the Astronauts’ lives on the Apollo 11 mission in 1967. In addition to the only pen that is, literally, out of this world – the Fisher Space pen is a very green product to easily fit into today’s green movement down here on earth – The Fisher Space Pen writes three times longer than the average pen so the ink cartridge rarely has to be replaced and its packaging and parts are recyclable. Fisher pens write at any angle, even upside down, in extreme temperatures (-30 to + 250 degrees F), it writes through dirt, grime, food, blood, grease, even under water! We offer over 50 available styles that fit into the Military, Medical, law enforcement, and many other key segments of the economy, including at home or in the office.

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How a Fisher SpacePen Saved the Apollo 11 Mission

It’s a story that for many years was not circulated outside the inner circles of the U.S. Space Program: the Fisher Space Pen helped the original Moon-landing astronauts, Neil Armstrong and Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin get back to Earth.

When about to leave the moon, and the Astronauts were climbing back into the Lunar Module, the life support backpack on one of the astronauts brushed against the plastic arming switch and broke it. The switch was to have activated the LM’s engines for the module’s rendezvous with the mother spacecraft.

Aldrin informed Houston’s Space Center by radio. A Scientist went to work on the problem immediately by breaking the plastic switch on a duplicate module and then studying the possibility of reaching a tiny metal strip inside the switch. The strip had to be flipped over to one side to activate the LM engine, but Ground Control knew the Astronauts had dispensed with practically all tools in the interest of less weight. But they still had their Space Pens, and so were advised to retract the point and use the hollow end of the pen to activate the inside switch. Aldrin then used his Space Pen to flick the switch; lifting Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin safely off the moon.

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